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company overview

Shanghai Dingfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established in November 2007 and is principally engaged in securities investment business. The company is headed by five partners Zhang Gao, Li Linjun, Wang Xiaogang, Liu Cheng and Yang Yuhong. The investment research team has a compound industrial and financial background. The company manages assets of nearly 10 billion yuan.

"Ding, the weight is also, that the sound; front, sharp also, that is the progress." In the steady and not forget to forge ahead, for investors to win long-term stable investment income, become the private industry's long-distance runner, is Ding Feng Years of goals and pursuits. In April 2014, the company was registered as the manager of China Private Equity Private Equity Fund. Since the establishment of Dingfeng Assets, the company and its fund managers have won a total of 12 Golden Bull Awards, Morningstar (China) 2014 Hedge Fund Awards and more than 50 industry awards. The company's products, represented by Dingfeng 1, Dingfeng 8, and Dingfeng 16, performed well.


One of the earliest established private equity fund companies in China

Shanghai Dingfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established in November 2007 and is one of the earliest established private equity fund companies in the country. It is established by a number of brokerage investment bank and senior investment department personnel. Since its establishment, the company has always upheld the concept of professional and standardized operation. In 2008, the first product, "Ding Feng's first phase of growth," operated so far, and after several rounds of tests by cattle and bears, the performance was steady and sustained. The management scale of the company has been increasing year by year. Currently, it has managed more than 80 fund products with a management scale of nearly 10 billion and ranks among the top domestic private equity fund companies.

Value investment with growth investment as the core

Since the establishment of Dingfeng Assets, it has been adhering to value investment with growth investment as its core. We are committed to finding high-quality companies in emerging industries that can exceed the average growth rate of the market and the society. By investing in such companies, we can share the excess returns from the rise in stock prices during its rapid growth. At present, China is in an important stage of economic transition. The “New Economy, New Normal” leads us to believe that with the logic of China’s original economic growth and the switch of growth engines, we can find and invest in the emerging strong industries that represent the future of China’s economy. So as to bring investment income to investors.

Serving professional investors

Dingfeng Assets has been selected as the investment advisor of more than 10 large-scale commercial bank head offices in China for its stable and stable performance and standardized professional internal management. It has provided more than 20 large-scale brokerage firms, third-party wealth management agencies and thousands of high-net worth clients. Professional investment and financing services.

Get sustained and stable returns

China's securities market is ups and downs, with risks and opportunities coexisting. In the course of its growth over the past 10 years, Dingfeng Assets has always been committed to creating continuous and stable returns for its customers. In the process of rapid expansion of the industry, many new institutions emerge every year. Dingfeng Assets focuses on the investment system of growth stocks. Through in-depth and continuous research on emerging industries, we can identify outstanding growth companies and carry out medium and long-term investments. . All the staff of the company abide by the contract to perform their duties diligently, live up to the full trust given by the majority of investors, and make substantial contributions to the maintenance and appreciation of assets entrusted by clients.

Senior investment research team

The core of the investment industry is "people-oriented, creating value." Dingfeng Assets has attracted numerous investment talents with its strong brand advantage, open and inclusive corporate culture, and willingness to share incentives. At present, there are more than 40 employees in the company. The average age of the investment research team is 36 years old. 90% of them have a master's degree or above, and they have relevant backgrounds such as senior investment, investment banking, and brokerage researcher. The company's core fund managers Zhang Gao, Li Linjun, and Wang Xiaogang have all won the highest honor of China Sunshine Private Equity Fund Manager, the “Taurus Private Equity Investment Manager” award.